Our Mission

To work diligently to make cancer Fighters and Survivors aware of their valued existence; To heal cancer Fighters' and Survivors' mentality from the inside out who had lost hope while fighting and winning the battle; To insure cancer Fighters and Survivors take back their image, self-confidence, physical and mental capacities at their fullest potential; To implement self preservation, natural beauty practices and grooming skills for both cancer fighting and surviving men and women; To create avenues for community cancer testing centers while advocating passionate conversation on state and national levels for continued support for these much needed centers.


How We Do It

Cancer is nothing to smile about. Surviving cancer is. Beat Stage 3 is a non-traditional, non-profit organization that incorporates a renewed 'joy of living and looking into the mirror' back into the lives of cancer Fighters and Survivors. Traditional cancer treatments can devastate not only the minds and bodies of patients but their spirits and self-esteem as well. Beat Stage 3 fights the ravages of these treatments in a very different and much more glamorous way-from the 'Outside In'. We have found that there is a lack of 'getting back to the beautiful basics' when it comes to image related issues (caused by traditional cancer treatments) such as skin/hair care and even wardrobe choices once the individual is 'PC'-Post Cancer'. Of course many people find their way back into society working and living with their triumph over the big C. As creative artists from vast fields we at Beat Stage 3 decided what better way to assist those survivors with so many choices ahead of them than to zero in on the first thing they see-Themselves.  We are self-esteem reinforcements-a positive, professional, artistic and passionate 4 member team consisting of a cancer Survivor (Stage 3)/mental health counselor/American Cancer Society constituent-ACT LEAD; a photographer/theatrical costume designer/film-tv-tour-runway wardrobe supervisor, costumer, stylist; a chemist/commercial& print industry makeup artist; a certified holistic health & wellness coach/plant-based raw food chef/writer/public speaker who are drawn to the one cause of 'Creating Beauty and Awareness Outside, Within & All Around Us'. We believe this will allow cancer Survivors and Fighters to begin to take back their lives after cancer has entered and EXITED. Beat Stage 3 wants these Fighters and Survivors to 'get their sexy back'. They deserve it! The best part about all of this is that WE LOVE WHAT WE DO. Our distinguished and up to the minute Glam Squad implements completely maintainable image makeovers that can be incorporated into the renewed survivor's daily lifestyle. Our outreach division continually hosts and participates in community, university and public open house discussions with top medical team and scientists about when to test for cancer, the importance of supporting cancer research, creating testing centers within African American communities, the devastation of cancer treatments and the benefits of maintaining healthy eating habits even during the course of treatments.