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What exactly does it mean to start fresh? Lots of times we hear that phrase and pretty much just go along with the flow of starting over. But getting a fresh start means much more than starting over. There is a renewed sense of energy-energy that lends itself to NEW beginnings.


Diane was our very first Fresh Starter. Click HERE to see images of her transformation.


BEAT STAGE 3's 'Fresh Start Program' simply put is a revitalization of the spirit and energy renewal program. We start our renewal from the OUTSIDE to supplement the healing that is taking place on the INSIDE. Cancer Fighters and Survivors spend days, months, and even years fighting, healing and seeking strength, health and wellness for their inner bodies. But many are usually left with a sense of loss or emptiness at the deterioration of their physical self. Cancer takes a toll on everyone it comes in contact with. Looking in the mirror some days can be a challenge to even the strongest of heart. When BEAT STAGE 3 co-founder C. Diane Nathaniel relayed her story to her friend and fellow BS3 co-founder Helen Collen, the pain of that loss was evident. The two immediately came up with the idea to celebrate life and to do it 'LOOKING GOOD'. Beating cancer and removing the grey film of it from our lives is tough. Self-confidence, awareness and image consciousness is a must to beat such a heavy foe. We at BEAT STAGE 3 have decided to take on that very challenge by incorporating the one thing so many others may tend to ignore. With the 'Fresh Start Program' we give cancer Fighters and Survivors their 'sexy back'!

Our team (the Glam Squad) are industry professionals who know how to celebrate the wonderful lives of those who just want a little more glow on top of their shine or help with reinserting that glow back into their lives.


The Fresh Start Program is a full fledged beauty/grooming/wardrobe/nutritional makeover. It's a gratis day of pampering, teaching, learning, appreciation, and celebration...of life. It's a dedication to insuring there is a new, self-confident daily etiquette that will stick. We also know that a cancer Fighter's and Survivor's state of mind is ultimately what will get them through this journey. That's why we have made sure to include a focused one-on-one everything on the table counseling session with our Fresh Start Program. 



The Fresh Start program is simple but dynamic in its 'giving back'. Contact us